I’ve been neglecting my blog duties of late, but I’m back to indulge in a bit of the above.

Some of you may have heard of Entropik (yes, with a ‘k’ and not a ‘c’), a cello-driven non-classical duo which features me on cello and my husband Dan on guitar and production. All music is composed jointly and is influenced by a wide variety of artists including but not limited to Bob Fripp, Tangerine Dream, Peter Gabriel and Zoe Keating.

CD & DownloadWe have just released a new album called Cellotronics: a melting pot of experimental electronica and world music. It’s available as a download and physical CD, and features the tracks Sirius (runner up at the 2010 People’s Music Awards) and The Pentagram (runner up at the 2010 Hitachi Driven Creativity Awards). The album has had the following kind words said about it so far:


“The Pentagram, shows real ambition and is an interesting piece. I love the 3rd movement, all the cello work and it has a great climax.” Kipper – Grammy and Emmy winning producer and musician – Hitachi Driven Creativity Competition 2010


“Brilliant performance – some fantastic musicianship here! Fantastic and new!” James Atkin – Adjudicator and lead singer of EMF – The People’s Music Awards


“Strong themes and good shape”Mick Glossop – Adjudicator and producer – The People’s Music Awards

“Beautifully crafted cross cultural wonderment” idiotproof67 – Mental Combat

“Cross pollinating, genre defying and eclectic”DJ Pathaan – Pathaan’s Musical Rickshaw
We also happen to be finalists in the 2011 People’s Music Awards, having made it through the first public vote round and the judges’ round. The current third round is open to public vote again, and will be ending very soon. We’re at position 3 in the charts and need to get to position 2 before this round of voting ends in order to be eligible for an award in the Classical/ Jazz/ World category, so we’d really appreciate your help! Voters need to register with the site here and vote for Entropik here by clicking the black box underneath the player and placing us in your top 5. You don’t need to vote for more than one artist, so just click “1” if you only intend to vote for us! If you’re new to the site, you’ll receive an email after signing up telling you to vote for at least three artists: ignore this as it only applies to the first round.

Thanks in advance – I hope you enjoy our alternative cello world!


© D C Cello Studio 2011

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