This is the first of a series of posts introducing new works composed by my husband, Dan Cullen and arranged for cello by me along with a few of my own compositions. Into Eternity was composed and recorded in July 2011. It’s part of an album called Metamorphosis which was written specifically for film and TV use and is now part of Immediate Music’s exclusive catalogue. We decided to create a collection of tracks, each of which which worked in a variety of instrumental settings from full orchestra and choir to small ensemble. Some of these turned out to be cello ensembles, ranging from trio to quintet.

This work is suitable for cellists of intermediate to advanced level. The form is very simple: one theme three times (e minor for the first two, g minor for the third) increasing in intensity each time. There is a short bridge between each repeat, and cello 3 is silent until the first bridge. The overall feel is that of a plaintive folk song, but there should be a strong contrast in articulation and mood between the first and third sections.
You can listen to the track here:

To purchase the score and parts (£6), click the image below.

When you have completed your purchase you’ll receive an email with a username and password and URL to access the PDF download. This will be sent within 12 hours of your transaction.

© D C Cello Studio 2011

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