European Handmade Cello for Sale

This item has been re-listed.

I’d like to draw your attention – especially that of Leeds-based cello students and teachers – to this Eastern European full-sized cello which I am selling on behalf of one of my own students. In the interest of gaining more buyer attention, I have listed this instrument on Ebay. The cello is being sold because the current owner needed a smaller instrument and has now bought herself a 7/8 cello.

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The cello is approximately 30 years old and is not in perfect cosmetic condition. It has had an accident or two in its lifetime, and the scars are evident in the images. However, all damage has been very well repaired and the cello has recently benefited from a full workshop set-up and a new set of Jargar Medium strings. Consequently it has lost some of its original value (previously purchased from a reputable dealer in Edinburgh for £700) and was valued at £500 by the luthier who recently worked on it. I have started the bidding low at £250 and no reserve has been set.

There is no maker’s label inside this cello, but it has been identified as an instrument of Eastern European origin and is very similar in build to known brands from Romania and Czech Republic. It would make an ideal purchase for a size upgrade, and adult beginner, or a teacher looking for a spare instrument to loan to students. Although new instruments can be purchased at low prices these days, they always require a great deal of work to get them into a playable state, which costs anything up to the original price paid. This one, although in not pristine cosmetic condition, is structurally sound; better built and already set up. Any queries can be sent to

Images can be seen in the Ebay listing. Here’s a video of the cello in action:

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