I have been working as a live and studio session cellist since 2002 and have gained diverse experience, providing live cello for classical, experimental, contemporary rock/ pop and film music projects in the UK, USA and further afield. With a professional recording set-up at home I am able to offer remote recording sessions. This means that your location is never an issue: so long as you have an internet connection. I offer the following services:

Recording of one or more cello parts for audio or audio-visual projects
Recording of overdubs for an audio or audio-visual project
Composition/ arrangement and recording of solo or ensemble cello parts

Once parts have been recorded, mp3 stems will be sent for you to listen to in isolation and with your project. If you are completely satisfied with the recordings, uncompressed stems will be sent on receipt of payment, which can be made via bank transfer or PayPal. If not, the part or parts will be re-recorded according to your specific requirements. Although this has never been required to date, one re-recording is always included in the agreed price.

For straight recording engagements you will need to send an mp3 of the track without cello along with either a midi file or mp3 of the cello part on its own. For composition and recording engagements a Skype or telephone meeting will be arranged to discuss your requirements. The agreed price will include one rewrite of each part.


Recordings are not to be used in any project other than that for which they were recorded
Recordings are not to be used or sold as standalone creations
You are free to edit the recordings.
Parts composed will be subject to an additional fee and an agreed percentage of writer’s royalties

Recent clients:

Altitude Music
Alpha Dog Music
Jeff Rona
Liquid Cinema
Mick Gordon
Sam Hulick
Immediate Music
Ancient Astronauts (ESL Music)
W. Ellington Felton
Phat Old Mamas

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