“It’s not often one contacts a company on Friday evening requiring a Cello piece and receives 3 different versions played and recorded perfectly before mid-day the following day. The standard of performance and recording is exemplary and the speed of turn-around remarkable. This has enabled me to continue with the project without any delays whatsoever.”
Peter Owen – Producer (Hollymount Studios)

“I’ve worked with Deryn twice, once on a piece I wrote for a benefit project, and again on Mass Effect 3. She is one with her instrument, and knows how to bring the most out of a performance with a depth of expression only found in masters of their craft. She’s a pleasure to work with, to boot!”
Sam Hulick – BAFTA Award Nominated Composer

“Brilliant performance – some fantastic musicianship here!”
James Atkin – Producer and Singer

“Perfect, faultless performance”
Mark Hutchinson – Producer/ Engineer