New Sheet Music Released

I’m pleased to announce that I have released a digital score for my cello quintet arrangement of Schubert’s Andante from his piano trio no. 2 in E-flat major. Having made a recording of the arrangement (also available to buy), I should probably warn in advance of the trickiness, especially in parts 1, 3 and 4. Suitable for advanced cellists – grade 8 and above.

Black Heart (Cello Quintet): Recording and Sheet Music

Black Heart: a composition from the album Metamorphosis.

The level of difficulty for each part is as follows:

Cello 1: Advanced (main technical challenge: sustained melodic lines in the higher register of the cello up to E5)

Cello 2: Advanced (main technical challenge: cello two serves as a descant part and plays sustained lines in the high register up to A5)

Cello 3: Intermediate (mid range up to sixth position)

Cello 4: Easy

Cello 5: Easy

To purchase the score and parts (£6), click the image below.

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