Things My Cello Taught Me

1. I am not a world-famous player of concertos or a member of the Berlin Phil. I’ll probably never perform the Dvorak Concerto in front of a rapturous audience or release a definitive recording of the Shostakovich Sonata. But I am a musician and I can be as much of an artist as I choose to be.

2. I love learning, and I’m happy to learn slowly and thoroughly rather than rapidly but erratically.

3. I accept the fact that without an extra finger or string I’ll never play Bach’s 6th Solo Suite.

4. In music there are simple and elegant answers to many of life’s complex and awkward questions.

5. Sitting on my expensive pernambuco bow will definitely break it.

6. Practising artificial harmonics may be considered by one’s spouse as grounds for divorce.

7. My cello treats me precisely as well or badly as I treat her.

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