Keeping your instrument steady and secure is absolutely essential for relaxed, uninhibited playing. There are a few different options available, and it is important to choose one that is compatible with your seat and the floor type you most frequently find yourself on.

Rubber Tip

The rubber tip fits on the end of most cello spikes, but tends to slip on most surfaces. However, it does offer protection from sharp spikes when the cello is in transit in a soft case or out of its case between practice sessions.

Average price: £1.50 – £2.50

Black Hole

Effective on wooden and laminate floors, especially when moistened with water. Not ideal for all carpeted surfaces. Convenient size – fits into most accessory pockets on cello bags and cases.

Average price: £8 – £11

Rock Stop

Designed to fit around a chair leg so not compatible with x-frame benches. Although it prevents your cello from slipping forward, this type of anchor only attaches to the left chair leg and can lack overall stability on slippery floors as the cello spike can still slip from side to side.

Average price: £12 – £14

Floor Anchor

Traditional anchor designed for four-legged chairs. Not as compact and portable as the Black Hole or Rock Stop, but provides guaranteed stability.

Average price: £14 – £16

Endpin Adapter

Ultra-sharp hard metal adapter to fit onto the end of your spike. Very effective as a non-slip device, but will leave small marks on wooden or laminate flooring.

Average price: £30 – £35 (not available from UK retailers)

Ball Adpater

Like the endpin adapter above, this device fits onto the end of most spikes. A cheaper alternative to the endpin adapter, and effective on all surfaces. Won’t damage wooden or laminate surfaces.

Average price: £15 – £20

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One thought on “Anti-Slip Devices for Your Cello

  1. The Black Hole is okay but don’t forget the Surestop which is cheaper and for my money better. It seems to slip less on some carpets and doesn’t need water on lino or wood (real or imitation.) I have both plus the 6 hole floor anchor, which is also good as well as a couple of others which I don’t recommend. The Endpin Adapter is also good but needs firm and careful fixing

    Don’t be tempted to try to improve on the floor anchor eg by drilling extra holes. I did and finished up buying another.

    What is stopping me from Practising? q.v. Enough said.

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