Sakura (Japanese for cherry blossom) is a composition inspired by oriental styles, but ultimately rooted in western music traditions. It is slow and lyrical, exploiting three octaves of the cello’s range from G3 – G6.

When you have completed your purchase you’ll receive an email with a download link to the sheet music PDF, as well as a piano-only practice recording. Your music will be sent to you within 24 hours of your purchase (in most cases, much sooner than that)

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3 thoughts on “Sakura (Cello and Piano): Recording and Sheet Music

  1. I love the combination between the piano and the cello. It is very intense. It is a very beautiful piece:-)

  2. This is such a beautiful piece. Oh my gosh… I would really like to purchase the music, but the link is not working. It takes you to a Paypal page that says something is not working. Is there a way to purchase it? I absolutely love the piece. I am not an advanced player, but I am a professional musician who has recently taken up playing the cello. I would like to purchase the piece to give me something to look forward to. Please advise as to how to purchase your beautiful composition. Thank you!

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