This is part of a series of cello scale videos designed to help beginner students learn them by visualising the fingerboard and watching a slow demonstration.

F major is one of many cello scales that can be played with a variety of different fingering patterns. This particular version uses first and fourth positions, and requires a backward stretch on the A string to access the B-flat. Stretching on the cello is a way to access a slightly larger range of notes without having to shift. This is achieved by increasing the interval between the first and second fingers from a semitone to a whole tone.

More about stretching on the cello here:
Stretch Position on the Cello
Detailed Diagrams for Extended First Position

Only E and F are played in fourth position, which means that this is not the most efficient fingering pattern. However, for players who are not yet familiar with the overlapping positions (second and third), it adds another 2 octave scale to the list!

D C Cello Studio


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